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Open Source Projects

The aim of these open source projects is to give something back to the community.
Besides that, the development of theses tools and frameworks is a lot of fun!
Currently all projects are released under the terms of the
GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Please see
for more information about the important differences between GPL and LGPL.

  • Query2XML - official PEAR package for generating XML from DB contents []
  • - a combined patch for ISP grade qmail installations []
  • - qmail with Courier-IMAP/POP3, MySQL, Clam AV & SpamAssassin []
  • com.lukasfeiler.httpd - A simple HTTP/1.0 server written in Java []
  • dumpnet - automated backup over SSH []
  • RSD - Rapid and Secure Development with PHP []
  • com.lukasfeiler.ipconfig - A small network interface configuration validator written in Java []